An Analysis of the participation and involvement of elected council members in the planning discussions regarding Tel Aviv-Yaffo's Master-Plan

March 7, 2012 -

A report dealing with Tel Aviv-Yaffo's Master-Plan and the process leading to its approval. The report, published in September 2011 revealed that many council members did not take part in the discussions, that only half of the council members were actively involved in discussions, and that 7 out of the 15 discussions on the plan were actually canceled: An Analysis of the participation and involvement of elected council members in the planning discussions regarding Tel Aviv-Yaffo's Master-Plan (Hebrew, PDF, 18 pages, 967 KB)


Promoting Green Jobs and Exports in a Green Water Economy in Israel


FoEME continues to promote demand management water policies over supply management policies, and has recently concluded this research paper that clearly indicates how a water conservation economy is preferable to one of desalination, both in terms of the quantity and quality of jobs it would produce - Promoting Green Jobs and Exports in a Green Water Economy in Israel (English, PDF, 22 pages, 1,5 KB)

Paths to Sustainability Report

National Plan for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


This paper was written following the recommendations of the "Shani Committee" and the Israeli government's decision to implement a national, multi-year plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Israel.  The paper includes references to components that are missing in the program, including the energy sector, energy efficiency, green building, transportation and the water sector, with recommendations for bridging the gaps. National Plan for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - The Environmental Organizations' Position (Hebrew, PDF, 557 KB, 18 pages)  



Women and Environmental Health

March 16, 2012 -

We are happy to present a groundbreaking report on Women and Environmental Health in Israel written by our partner Ella Nave of the Coaloition of Public Health (Hebrew, PDF, 88 pages, 2.80 MB)

Case Study

Gender Mainstreaming Calls for Gender Breakdowns

- January 11, 2012 - Gender mainstreaming is a new approach to designing and assessing government and municipal activities. This approach increases transparency and ensures that public activities are designed to address the differential needs of women and men. Case Study: The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor more»


Women and Power

- January 10, 2012 - On the 11th anniversary of the Security Council’s Resolution 1325, Heinrich Boell Foundation Israel supported the issue of Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture: Women and Power. This issue presents an in-depth analysis of gender perspectives, particularly the impact of the conflict on women and women’s role in peacebuilding. more»


Gender Equality Initiatives in Transportation Policy

- December 8, 2011 - Adva Center, policy analysis institute examining Israeli society from the perspective of equality and social justice, carried out a project supported by the Heinrich Boell Stiftung Israel in 2011 on Gender Mainstreaming Programming & Budgeting in Israeli Ministries (The Women’s Budget Forum at the Adva Center). The paper reviews current Gender Equality Initiatives in Transportations Policy. more»



Severe Housing Distress and Destruction of Arab Homes: Obstacles and Recommendations for Change

April 9, 2012 - Publication on severe housing distress and destruction of arab homes by Kais Nasser published by Dirasat - Arab Center for Law and Policy and supported by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Israel. The full version of the Hebrew text (90 pages, PDF-file, 3.20 MB). The English summary is also available (17 paged, PDF-file, 2.44 MB).
Haaretz reports on the paper in English (29.03.2012) and Hebrew (31.03.2012). 


Executive Summary and Publication

Solidarity and strength: The Future of the European Union

- December 13, 2011 - Economic and environmental challenges that threaten to overwhelm the European project. The Heinrich Böll Foundation has set up a commission to examine the future of the EU. This publication puts forward a series of proposals in areas such as foreign and security; agricultural; energy; economics and monetary and enlargement policy. more»
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German-Israeli Relations


Axel Honneth/ Disrespect and Recognition: Toward a New Critical Theory

A collection of essays by Axel Honneth translated to Hebrew, Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House Ltd. 2008, available in book stores in Israel. Click here to read the back cover of the book (Hebrew, PDF)
More publications will be available shortly

Publications in German


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Social Justice Rally held in Tel Aviv on August 6th, 2011. The demonstrators chant: “The people demand social justice!”, followed by: “the people decided: social justice!”

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