Partnership Guidelines

Heinrich Boell Stiftung Israel works in the following program areas:

• Environment and Sustainability
• Gender and Democracy
• Regional and Security Policy
• German-Israeli Dialogue

We consider gender and diversity to be a crosscutting issue for our work in all programs.

In order to promote our goals, we build partnerships with Israeli NGOs, academic institutions, think tanks and other strategic stakeholders.  Following a strategic planning process, we have restructured our application procedures and no longer have a set pre-proposal deadline. We mostly initiate cooperations with project partners, however, if you would like to discuss a project that is particularly relevant to the goals described below, please contact the respective HBS staff member.

In the Environment and Sustainability program, our focus is on policy development and advocacy with decision makers on the local and national levels. Our issue areas are climate and energy policy, sustainable communities, resource management, green growth and environmental-social justice.
Elisheva Gilad: 

In the Gender and Democracy program, our focus is on mainstreaming gender analysis and practices into governmental institutions on the local and national levels. In addition, we explore linkages between civil and human rights, socio-economic rights and the political discourse in Israel.
Romy Shapira:

In the Regional and Security Policy program, our focus is on developing alternative political options and strategies that will contribute to the Palestinian – Israeli conflict resolution process. In addition, we work to contribute to the development a comprehensive regional security strategy for Israel.
Marc Berthold:

In the German-Israeli Dialogue program, we promote a discourse surrounding challenges relevant for both Israeli and German modern societies, such as citizenship, religion, multiculturalism and belonging. In addition, conflict resolution experiences from both countries are being explored.
Marianne Zepp:


    News and Events
    Heinrich Boell Stiftung Israel, together with the department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Levtzion Center for Islamic Studies at the Hebrew University cordially invites you to an international conference: Democracy, Religion and the Status of Women – a comparison between Israel, Germany and Europe on April 30th -May 1st, 2014 at the Tel Aviv Yaffo Academic College/ Hebrew University Jerusalem. Click here for the detailed program.

    You are cordially invited to a launch event to mark the publication of the book "Cities of Tomorrow: Planning, Sustainability and Justice", which will take place on May 1st at 18:00 at the offices of the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Tel Aviv. The evening will be conducted in Hebrew. Please see the attached invitation. Looking forward to seeing you there. Best wishes for the Passover holiday,  

    The office will be closed during the Passover holiday from April 14 to April 21

    Internship Opportunities   
    The Heinrich Böll Stiftung Israel office welcomes applications for internship opportunities (April 2015 on) Read more

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