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The Heinrich Boell Stiftung (HBS) is the German green foundation affiliated with the German Green Party. We are a non-profit organization striving to promote environmental justice and sustainable development, civil society, equality, women's rights and gender democracy internationally. With headquarters in Berlin, Germany, the HBS has 28 offices worldwide and cooperates with over 200 partners in more than 60 countries.

The website of the Israel office is divided into our four program areas as well as publications, information on our project partners and our grant application guidelines along with a spotlight on our news and events. You are invited to visit often for further updates and please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or comments.

Environment and Sustainable Development


Meat Atlas - Facts and figures about the animals we eat

Food is a necessity. And it’s very personal. Satisfaction reflects ethical decisions, and private concerns can be very political in nature. We are more and more alienated from what is on our plates and in our hands, so responsible food consumption is something that an increasing number of people demand. These people need information on which to base their decisions and to answer their questions.

This publication sheds light on the impacts of meat and dairy production, and aims to catalyze the debate over the need for better, safer and more sustainable food and farming.

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opinion piece

For a just economy, Israel must adopt 'Green New Deal'

- June 1, 2013 -
Former MK Mossi Raz and current Chairperson of Life & Environment, provides an analysis of the new Israeli budget just pushed and passed by Yesh Atid and offers a new economic model that suggests real solutions for the three-fold crisis we are in - financial, social and environmental. The Israeli model, called Economics of Tomorrow could be the building blocks of a more sustainable economic strategy for the future than Yesh Atid's (There is a Future) current vision.
Mossi Raz more»

Policy Paper

Economics of Tomorrow - A Green New Deal for Israel

- December 20, 2012 - The Heinrich Böll Foundation Israel, Life & Environment and the Forum for Economics of Tomorrow proudly present the study "Economics of Tomorrow - Green Policy for Economic Resilience". A comprehensive and holistic program to create a sustainable economy, achieve social justice and combat climate change in Israel. This Hebrew document includes executive summaries in English and Arabic.



The German Energy Transition

- Germany has drawn a lot of attention for the Energiewende - the aim to switch to a renewable energy economy, phase out nuclear power and leave fossil fuels behind. But what exactly is the German energy transition: How does it work and what challenges lie ahead? A new website seeks to answer these and related questions more>>

German-Israeli and EU-Israeli Relations


And what now? German Election 2013

September 24, 2013 - The German Election Campaign 2013 was focused on the alternative between the continuation of the conservative-liberal coalition of CDU and FDP or a renewed Red-Green alliance striving to bring the Green Party and the Social Democrats back into power. Both alternatives vanished into thin air on Sunday night. The Liberals did not meet the parliamentarian threshold of 5 % and the Greens and Social Democrats were high below the overwhelming victory of Merkel’s conservative party alliance.


Moshe Zimmermann more»


Thirty Years of Bundestag Presence: A Tally of the Greens’ Impact on the Federal Republic of Germany’s Political Life and Public Culture

- January 11, 2013 -  In the run-up to the 2013 German federal elections, this publication considers three decades of a changing political landscape with the emergence of the Green Party.  The authors discuss how the Green Party built its “brand” and, in so doing, ushered in a fundamental change in German politics and society. Andrei Markovits and Joseph Klaver more»


Historian Yfaat Weiss receives 2012 Hannah Arendt Award for Political Thought

- August 21, 2012 - This year’s award winner is Yfaat Weiss, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Yfaat Weiss, so claimed the jury, points out the unusual course of Israeli history as well as the potential of civil society in her country: “Through her research, Yfaat Weiss opens our eyes to new thinking about the coexistence of ethnic groups and minorities in Israel.” The prize will be presented on December 7th 2012 in the City Hall of Bremen. more»

Conference Report

A Forgotten and Oppressed Story

- May 17, 2012 -
On May 11th, 2012 the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Mossawa Center organized a seminar, public discussion based on the release of the book, "Haifa Before and After1948:Narratives of aMixed City,” published by the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation. Here is the report on the event. 

Marianne Zepp more»

Civil Society and Democratic Participation


Lessons from Oslo – Lack of Strategic Decisions Led to Impasse in the Process

July 2, 2013 - On June 20, 2013, the Heinrich Böll Foundation Israel, the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research, the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies and the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue held the conference 20 Years since the Oslo Accords - Success and/or Failure?. In advance of a comprehensive publication of contributions, we are pleased to present this analysis by Dr. Ephraim Lavie on the early foundation of obstacles in the Oslo negotiation process. more»

Response letter

November 2, 2012 - The NGO Monitor inquired again about our funding for "+972 - Advancement of Citizen Journalism", which helps managing and editing their site 972mag.com. The NGO monitor accuses the site of pursuing “a highly negative political agenda in the context of political warfare against Israel". We neither share this general assessment nor do we agree with everything that is posted on 972mag.com. Here is our Response:»


From Social Protest to Civic Economic Power

- October 14, 2012 - One of the outcomes of the social protests during the summer 2011 is a blossoming of cooperatives across Israel. Citizens are taking change into their own hands and create new economic models. Yifat Solel provides an overview of these new initiatives and describes further potentials. more»


Refugees and Migration - An international perspective

- May 28, 2012 -
In the past weeks, Israel was confronted with events bringing to public attention for the first time the social and political implications of African refugees in Israel. A demonstration that spiraled out of control initiated fierce reactions from the political right and an intensified public debate. For further information see Marianne Zepp: “Israel has a refugee problem – similar to Europe’s?”. A background analysis stressing the special Israeli conditions is provided by Lisa Hücking (intern at the HBF Israel and MA student in Political Science at the FU Berlin): “Nation, State and (illegal) Immigration in Israel”. more»

Women's Rights and Gender Democracy

Gender Analysis

Post-Election Gender Roadmap for the Israeli Knesset

February 10, 2013 - The results of the elections to the 19th Knesset hold a potential for a significant change in the gender thinking of Israel’s legislative body. Out of 120 parliamentarians, 27 women will be serving in the Knesset - the largest number of women MKs since the establishment of the state. What are the necessary conditions for bringing this potential to fruition? Anat Saragusti outlines the gender dimension of the Knesset election results. more»

Film Festival


- November 5, 2012 - The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung is pleased to support the annual International Women’s Film Festival in Rehovot, Israel. We are cooperating with the Festival on its 9th anniversary on the program: Women, Film, Environment. The program will include film screenings followed by discussions with representatives from women’s and environmental organizations, many of whom are our project partners A greeting by the director of the Israel office and more information»


Women and Environmental Health

- March 16, 2012 -

We are happy to present a groundbreaking report on Women and Environmental Health in Israel written by our partner Ella Nave of the Coaloition of Public Health (Hebrew, PDF, 88 pages, 2.80 MB)

Publication Series Ecology, Volume 21

The Future We Want - A Feminist Perspective

- March 16, 2012 - The Future We Want – the motto chosen by the UN in the run-up to the June 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) – is certainly forward-looking. Rio+20 is supposed to define routes towards a safer, fairer, greener, and cleaner world. But the blueprints for a green economy are devoid of gender perspectives. Christa Wichterich’s essay takes a closer look on the relations between feminism and ecology. more»


Policy Paper

Angst or Arithmetic? Why Germans are so Skeptical about Nuclear Energy

May 17, 2012 - Is it hysteria or emotional populism that Germany has decided to phase out nuclear energy? On the contrary, a majority of Germans has been unconvinced of its merits since the early 1980s; the source of this anti-atom consensus lies in the persuasive, fact-based arguments of a powerful, grassroots social movement. Paul Hockenos more»

Executive Summary and Publication

Solidarity and strength: The Future of the European Union

- December 13, 2011 - Economic and environmental challenges that threaten to overwhelm the European project. The Heinrich Böll Foundation has set up a commission to examine the future of the EU. This publication puts forward a series of proposals in areas such as foreign and security; agricultural; energy; economics and monetary and enlargement policy. more»


Severe Housing Distress and Destruction of Arab Homes: Obstacles and Recommendations for Change

- April 9, 2012 - Publication on severe housing distress and destruction of arab homes by Kais Nasser published by Dirasat - Arab Center for Law and Policy and supported by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Israel. The full version of the Hebrew text (90 pages, PDF-file, 3.20 MB). The English summary is also available (17 paged, PDF-file, 2.44 MB).
Haaretz reports on the paper in English (29.03.2012) and Hebrew (31.03.2012). 


News and Events
The Heinrich Boell Foundation is proud to support the Haaretz Israel Conference on Peace to be held on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014. Please click here for the full program. 

Internship Opportunities   
The Heinrich Böll Stiftung Israel office welcomes applications for internship opportunities (April 2015 on) Read more

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Social Justice Rally held in Tel Aviv on August 6th, 2011. The demonstrators chant: “The people demand social justice!”, followed by: “the people decided: social justice!”

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